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Need help with Review Fraud? Hire the Fake Review Expert!

September 16th, 2020


I’m Tommy Noonan, founder of  My entire career has been dedicated to detecting and flagging fake reviews.  It all started when I launched my own review platform 14 years ago.  It was a constant battle against brands that tried to submit fake reviews and cheat the system.  In 2016, I launched ReviewMeta, a platform to help identify potentially fake and fraudulent reviews on the Amazon platform.  I’ve been fighting for honest sellers ever since.

A few years back, I was featured on NPR’s Planet Money – Episode 850: The Fake Review Hunter.  It’s worth the 19-minute listen if you want to know more about my back story.


The fake review problem has only gotten worse since the beginning of my story.  Competition between brands is becoming more and more fierce while online review platforms are becoming less and less transparent.  Honest sellers have an incredible challenge to compete against those who are cheating to get ahead.

I work as a consultant to help honest brands that are struggling to keep up with competitors who break the rules.  

My services include:

  • Investigating competitors’ reviews for potential fraud
  • Assisting with legal strategy
  • Customized data and technology solutions
  • Reporting reviews, brands and sellers who are obviously breaking the rules
  • Serving as an Expert Witness – including writing an expert witness report and testifying at trial.

I’ve consulted dozens of brands and have been qualified as an expert witness in federal court.  Not just for reviews on Amazon – I’ve worked with reviews on other platforms.  Every brand has different needs – let’s get on the phone and see how I can help!

Send me an email to schedule a free consultation: [email protected] or visit

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