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intelligent made fakes

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I think the reviews of eva, andreas, simon, tom and christina are fakes, but very well done omes.
because: all pre names, the enthusiastic talk about technical details which comes with the product, the say that it is a no name product but good and all of them have made only this review.
Ich bin mir sicher, dass die Reviews von eva, andreas, simon, tom und christina fakes sind, aber ziemlich gut gemachte.
Weil: alles Vornamen, überschwängliche Beschreibung technischer Details die vom Produkt erfüllt werden; der Hinweis es ist ein No Name Product und trotzdem gut und alle haben nur dieses eine Produkt bewertet.

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6 product reviews isn't a lot of data for us to go off of.  Always worth looking at the report.  In this instance, we see the reviewer ease is 5.0, and a few other red flags in the report.  Not enough to rule out random chance, but always good to read the report.

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