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  1. It would behoove you and make it easier for folks like me, to arrange acceptance of PayPal donations OR setup with Patreon.com for ongoing and continuous supporters. The limit to using credit cards only is a deal-breaker for me. Another issue that might help gifting would be a simple mathematical focus to your monetary challenge. Something like this: "If the users of our site could contribute $0.03 each time they use it it would cover our expenses." "If our users could see their way clear to donate $1.24 a month or say, $15.00 a year, we could eliminate ads, speed up the site, and improve my sleep patterns!" I am making up the numbers but you likely already know what that data is quite well. I use and appreciate what you offer. If we knew the impact our single contribution meant, it would make helping your service much more personal and rewarding. Thank you!

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