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Since launching ReviewMeta in 2016, I've received a lot of requests from brand owners and sellers on Amazon to remove their products or brand from my website. My policy has been (and always will be) to never remove pages from What good would my tool be to the consumers if we simply removed any page at the request of the brand?

The vast majority of these requests are not responded to. In my experience, it's a complete waste of time to try and engage with demanding brand owners when my final answer will alway be a hard "no”.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that my algorithm is an estimate which is very clearly stated at the top of every page. I know that the algorithm is not 100% perfect, and that's why I show all my work and try to be transparent as possible so that potential customers can come to their own conclusions.

This is an important distinction - most legal threats that come our way are claiming defamation. In order to win a defamation lawsuit, one must prove that the defendant is using "false statements of fact" (among several other things). However, if you look at the reports, it's very clear that we aren't making any statements of fact. It's abundantly clear throughout the report that it's just an estimate, and the chances of convincing a judge that our reports are, in fact, defamatory, is absolutely zero.

ReviewMeta was not created to hurt nor damage any brand. As stated above, the whole point is to empower the consumers with additional data and insight. Just because you feel like the word "FAIL" or "WARN" is hurting your brand does NOT mean that the content is defamatory. What kind of world would we live in if nobody was allowed to be critical of anybody else? There's a good reason for the First Amendment.

"Response Dashboard" Coming Soon!

This is a prototype and may not necessarily reflect the actual design when released. See below to add your contact info so you can be notified when this feature is launched.

I understand that brands should be able to publicly respond to their reports. I'm working hard to create an avenue for brands to post public responses that will be displayed to at the top of their brand page as well as every one of their product reports. They will be free to say whatever they want - disclose their review collection process, engage in a healthy debate about the in's and out's of the algorithm, or maybe just show their true colors and post an incoherent string of personal attacks.

I am in no way legally obligated to host brands' responses on my website - however I feel as though it's the right thing to do and will ultimately benefit everyone.

This will take some time for me to work out all the details, and it's my top priority at the moment. I don't want brands to think they are being treated unfairly.

In the meantime, I ask kindly of brand owners and representatives for their patience. I want this feature to completed just as much as you do. Sending in legal threats, nasty messages or harassing me (or my family) is not going to help - and I may end up sharing your messages for the world to see.

Other legal issues:

Products no longer available
As far as products or brands that are no longer selling on Amazon - we try to provide as much information to our visitors, and providing a history of what was there can be beneficial too. If your products and reviews are completely removed from Amazon, refreshing the corresponding report on Revieweta should reflect that. If the reviews are still accessible on amazon in any way, reviewmeta will still analyze them.

But my trademark! You do not have permission to use my registered trademark!
All trademarks are used under nominative fair use:

Copyrighted works
If you believe that your copyrighted work is being reproduced, please fill out an Abuse Report.

ReviewMeta comes up when Googling my brand name!
Sorry, we don't have control over Google. Maybe try seeing their help pages: Remove Outdated Content, Remove Information from Google, Manage your online reputation.

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