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Fake Reviews Scheme by Public Traded US Company

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I always thought it was just Chinese sellers that were engaged in fake review schemes (probably still the vast majority) but here is a publicly traded US company clearly cranking out fake reviews for the brands it manages on Amazon: Mohawk Group


We have been doing research into one of their Amazon listings B07Y2BJMPX. This RIF6 desk riser product is a new listing on Amazon that has gained 155 customer reviews over a three week period of time, all 5-star reviews. The first review was posted November 1, 2019. The top selling desk riser gained only a little over 40 product reviews in that same time period. 
Mohawk also manages some other popular brands on Amazon including hOmelabs and Vremi (which you can see by scrolling closer to the bottom of the Mohawk link). 
Going through profiles of customers that left reviews on ASIN B07Y2BJMPX the RIF6 desk riser,  you find that most of these customers also left 5-star reviews on several hOmelabs and Vremi products. Examples: 
Each of the links above gave both RIF6 and hOmelab products glowing 5-star reviews, which again are managed by the same company. You can go through most of the profiles of reviews on this desk risers and find connections to other product managed by Mohawk Group. It's fascinating how Amazon is so slow to respond to scams like this. Surely they realize the danger of customers losing trust in it's review system? 
We're working on building up scams on Amazon through our own website here: http://amazoncheaters.com/fake-reviews/. Currently we have this review scam listed as well as examples of "Best Seller" badge manipulations.  

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Hey Craig-

Dang, looks like these guys are really abusing the system here.  I always find it interesting when ReviewMeta automatically calls out some obviously suspicious datapoints (https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B07Y2BJMPX) and Amazon somehow doesn't notice (or doesn't care).

This isn't the first office related product we've seen that's been heavily manipulated.  We wrote a whole blog post about this "Amazon's Choice" office chair a few months ago, and since then, it's only lost the badge, but held onto the obviously manufactured reviews: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/amazons-choice-badge-given-to-product-with-1000s-of-incentivized-hijacked-and-deleted-reviews/

I think what you are doing is the best strategy - document the abuse and keep reporting them to Amazon.  Call them out on social media as much as possible.  Keep hammering it until Amazon does something.

It sucks that sellers and shoppers must be the ones to police Amazon's own platform...

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