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Beta 1-click reviews: RM updates needed?

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Interesting - I personally believe that this is the wrong direction.  It makes it easier to flood a product with a bunch of one or five star reviews that have zero justification, and possibly without even being able to see the reviewers behind these reviews.  Makes it much harder for anyone to get a sense of whether the reviews are fake or real - maybe this is the whole point?

We'll see how this goes.  Amazon is still "testing" it at this point so we'll see if they keep it.  My main question in terms of incorporating this change into ReviewMeta is how are they going to show to the customer the 1-tap reviews?  Will it just say "400 reviews" but then they only display the reviews that have written text?  Or will they display all 400 reviews, but just say "1-tap review" for each of the one-taps?

I think I'll have to write a blog post on why I feel this is the wrong direction.

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I suppose they're making a minimal effort to protect customers by requiring all these to be "Verified Purchases" — which I think should be true for (almost?) all product categories, anyway.

My main reason for bringing it up, though, is just in case RM runs into these beta reviews.  I suppose these cases would be covered in the "x reviews reported, but y reviews found" &/or "words per review" tests?

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Yeah, that notice should still be functioning and might be a good way for us to figure out which ones are using the one-tap reviews.

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