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should I trust your reports anymore

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This is not the first time this has happened. 
I was looking at car seat cushions  and the first time I looked at this item I think it showed 54% potentially unnatural

But since the last reiview was in May of 2019 I ran the report .

This time it showed no  (zero????) potentially unnatural responses.

This has happened several times so I don't think I can trust this site anymore.THis was just the most obviously ridiculous result. 


Here is the review:



This is another one I ran a report onbut this time because an older report didn't show up.


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Please see our post on the latest algorithm updates: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/0-unnatural-reviews-august-2019-algo-updates-explained/

As usual, we always recommend reading the actual reports and making a determination for yourself.  In my opinion, neither of these two products seem to have reviews that look too bad - in fact, both seem to have many reviews deleted recently so they could have been "cleaned up" by Amazon in the meantime.

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