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Your evaluations are very helpful and allow us to use our own judgement beyond your algorythms.   I consider the information you provide as part of my decision making process on Amazon.

But the world is not Amazon.  Today I was on the Quicken Website. I got through 30 pages where every evaluation was 5* and short and pithy.  Yet the total was an average of 4*.  As I've used Quicken since the 80s, I don't think I've ever had the chance to evaluate it.  On a phone call about another matter today, I asked the representative where one evaluates the product.   He kept referring me to the user form.  Of course, I said that wouldn't be fair as most go there to complain, besides it never asks for an evaluation.  He tried saying the managers of the forum did it but I asked how as there were no numeric fields.   He hung up the phone.

You are helping us to learn to identify suspicious reviews.  If you also were able to help us on other sites, or allow us to copy/paste and upload a csv from other pages, you would help consumers a little leverage in a world where companies post fictitious ratings and allow us to analyze them.

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Thanks for your question.  I definitely agree that there are a lot more fakes on the internet than just Amazon, but we've only had the resources to focus on Amazon at the moment.  We hope to expand to other platforms in the future, however currently we're at our production capacity just focusing on Amazon.  It's a lot of work to add other platforms.

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