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Amazon seller Homech and [email protected]

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The usual scheme: Homech colludes with  [email protected] to crowd source a paid Amazon review scheme. All of it under Amazon's complicit eye.

Their products are delivered with the promise of the gift card (see attachment). The example review is a 5 stars "Excellent!!!" rating. The gift cards might actually be paid regardless of the review because giftcardvipservice are only interested in their cut and they don't care bout Homech reputation.

In addition, Homech does reach out to the authors of bad reviews (still wondering how they got my email) and offers a $80 gift card and a total refund for the product (another $80). They claim that it is a no strings attached offer but they didn't give me the gift card and refund after i told them that I accepted the offer but that I wouldn't take down my review.



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sadly no, I didn't get the $80 gift card and refund. It would cost them  lot of money if they were doing so. I guess the only way to get the $80 gift card is to commit to taking down the bad review.

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