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RFE: Filtering Category Pages

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If you check category pages (e.g., https://reviewmeta.com/category/amazon/3732981), you'll notice that they're often overrun w/ products that have very few reviews.   Why not give us an option to filter (the sorting is fine) these pages to, e.g., remove items that have less than a user-configurable # of RM-accepted reviews, or a Failed RM rating?  That'd help significantly in so many categories!

P.S.: "Thanks for submitting your response. Your submission will soon be moderated. If your response is approved, we will post a link to your response on your brand page and product pages on ReviewMeta.com. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER OFFICIAL RESPONSE, IT MAY BE DELETED." isn't correct for every post. 😉

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Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I see how the category pages can be greatly improved with the simple addition of a few filters.  To be honest, I'm not in love with the category pages and want to do a complete overhaul in the coming months.  Any more input on using the category pages will help give me ideas on how to re-design them.

As for the moderation, I've still got to mess with the settings.  I thought that only posts in the "Brand Response" forum would need to go through moderation, not the "Everything Else" forum as well.

Edit:  Looks like it's automatically going through moderation because it contains a link!  I suppose I'll turn that off because most posts will contain links as a reference to stuff on the site.

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There's been some caching implemented - the category pages take a lot of server resources, so we store a page for a few hours after it has been generated to reduce server load.

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