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RFE: Better UI for particular variation's RM analysis

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I  very much appreciate RM efforts toward variations , but the variation listing UI in RM fails pretty hard com compared to that of the Amazon original UI.  Is it possible to make it more like the original?

A couple of ideas:
1)  Use a selector in the variation popup as identical as possible to Amazon's own
2) Make is possible to rejigger RM so it (configurably) weights 1 variation's reviews above all others'.
2a) Make this iterative in cases when there's more than 1 dimension of variation.
2b) Bonus if https://reviewmeta.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-rfe-positive-critical-review-trust/ could be realigned toward this in these cases.

Example:  I'm researching https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B00Q7EPSHI .  It generally gets great reviews, but I suspect the specific variation I'd want to purchase (queen, 6") may have issues more often than not.  I try to find this variation on RM, but am thwarted by its reliance on the listing title, than variation description.  Oh, how I wish to simply choose [Queen] [6-inch] someplace, & be whisked off to the RM page where the critical reviews clearly note that (e.g.) it's the 6-inch sizing that's the problem more than the queen, for whatever reason.  I thank RM & go back to considering the 8-inch, which RMs happily.

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Is the selector you're referring to on Amazon the where you pick the "Size" (Queen/King/Full/etc) and then "Style" (8-inch/10-inch/etc)?

It would be nice to have that in theory, but unfortunately we haven't been collecting that data necessary for that and it would be a pretty substantial effort to start collecting it.  If Amazon had some sort of data-share agreement with us, then it would be easier to implement things like this, but unfortunately there is no such agreement in place, so it's hard to mimic the Amazon display on a lot of aspects.

That said, I see your point on only being able to go off the titles, so I'll have to think about how we can use the existing data to be displayed in a better format.  

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