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RFE: Positive & critical review trust?

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On most of Amazon review pages, it has the option to sort out the most "helpful" positive & critical reviews, & I actually find those negatives more useful.  I propose RM do the same for most trusted reviews - highlight among those the cheerleaders & naysayers.

What do you think?

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Ah, I see, so instead of Most Trusted and Least Trusted, (or in addition to), show the "Most Trusted Critical Reviews".  Definitely see how this could be a useful feature.  Adding it to the list!  Thanks for the suggestion!

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It would excellent to show the absolute/relative trust of the most trusted positive/critical review, also, so we could choose to which to give more weight, ourselves — e.g., a most-trusted critical score of 100% I'd give more credence than a most-trusted positive score of 75%.

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