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  1. TPS

    Forum & App Suggestions

    Minor glitch: the YouTube link below 👇🏽 doesn't seem to go anyplace.
  2. TPS

    Forum & App Suggestions

    If I check a reviewER via app, it doesn't show in the history later. If it were to, then I could favorite as normal.
  3. TPS

    Forum & App Suggestions

    Another RFE: Could we have a way to favorite reviewers (myself, mostly 😜) , iff we use the app to rate 1?
  4. TPS

    Forum & App Suggestions

    @ the full notifications list, I see the typefacing reversed. I'm looking fwd to that Share feature, though.
  5. @Tommy - In the forum notifications list, the font logic is reversed to the rest of the UI: read is boldface, while unread is normal. Could it be made consistent? - In the app, 1 shares an Amazon-ish link (perhaps enough that it's discernible what country & ASIN?) into the app to get RM's analysis. Could we get a way to share out the RM link? Bonus points if you've an personalized link shortener, like Amazon's own a.co & amzn.com, & bit.ly's equivalent @ amzn.to. Ideally R.μ, though that's not currently possible/available, per the IANA.
  6. I suppose they're making a minimal effort to protect customers by requiring all these to be "Verified Purchases" — which I think should be true for (almost?) all product categories, anyway. My main reason for bringing it up, though, is just in case RM runs into these beta reviews. I suppose these cases would be covered in the "x reviews reported, but y reviews found" &/or "words per review" tests?
  7. @Tommy Per TechCrunch, 1-Tap Reviews are in beta. Does RM need to be adjusted for such?
  8. A couple reasons for open-source: - It could potentially be included in F-Droid (if appropriately licensed), thereby increasing RM's reach - Users who are devs (I'm not ) could help with feature requests &/or bug fixes. (e.g.: Using app as pure redirector, allowing to open in user's choice browser or using app to open RM links)
  9. ReviewMeta Phone Apps 🎉 Is the source available? Such would help expand RM's reach.
  10. @Tommy For some reason, Amazon actively solicits reviews on product categories it doesn't/can't/won't sell. So RM gives strange results due to no products being verified purchased, nor able to be bought. Is this the best way to handle these? Here's an example: https://reviewmeta.com/category/amazon/10677469011
  11. TPS

    Help contacting ThePriceTest?

    Do you whether there's an update re: this contact?
  12. @Tommy I understand ThePriceTest.com is RM's partner to help monetize. Do you have a way to actually get hold of them? I tried sending an RFE to [email protected] (from https://thepricetest.com/info), &, after trying for 3 days, GMail reported > The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7720 [thepricetest.com timed out] which seems… concerning.
  13. I wonder whether you even need that much? Perhaps a small banner across RM pages to invite some number of Android/mobile devs to be interested in supporting a RM redirect someplace? Like DuckDuckGo did w/ !ReviewMeta? Or 1 of them to fork the aforementioned app, so all that it does is send an ASIN/Amazon URL to RM?
  14. The MIT Licensing would let 1 just change that redirecting bit to RM, & republish, though 1 would have to change some resources (new app & package name, & different images, &c). The most difficult part might be putting together the actual build environment. Unfortunately, the original dev has no interest in RM.
  15. I opened an RFE @ https://github.com/cstew/TryCamel/issues/2 to adapt an existing simple Android app to share Amazon URLs into the appropriate analysis page @ RM. Anyone interested (especially @Tommy), please support via comments there! Such makes a lot of difference to (especially open-source) developers! 🙇

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