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  1. A couple reasons for open-source: - It could potentially be included in F-Droid (if appropriately licensed), thereby increasing RM's reach - Users who are devs (I'm not ) could help with feature requests &/or bug fixes. (e.g.: Using app as pure redirector, allowing to open in user's choice browser or using app to open RM links)
  2. ReviewMeta Phone Apps 🎉 Is the source available? Such would help expand RM's reach.
  3. @Tommy For some reason, Amazon actively solicits reviews on product categories it doesn't/can't/won't sell. So RM gives strange results due to no products being verified purchased, nor able to be bought. Is this the best way to handle these? Here's an example: https://reviewmeta.com/category/amazon/10677469011
  4. TPS

    Help contacting ThePriceTest?

    Do you whether there's an update re: this contact?
  5. @Tommy I understand ThePriceTest.com is RM's partner to help monetize. Do you have a way to actually get hold of them? I tried sending an RFE to [email protected] (from https://thepricetest.com/info), &, after trying for 3 days, GMail reported > The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7720 [thepricetest.com timed out] which seems… concerning.
  6. I wonder whether you even need that much? Perhaps a small banner across RM pages to invite some number of Android/mobile devs to be interested in supporting a RM redirect someplace? Like DuckDuckGo did w/ !ReviewMeta? Or 1 of them to fork the aforementioned app, so all that it does is send an ASIN/Amazon URL to RM?
  7. The MIT Licensing would let 1 just change that redirecting bit to RM, & republish, though 1 would have to change some resources (new app & package name, & different images, &c). The most difficult part might be putting together the actual build environment. Unfortunately, the original dev has no interest in RM.
  8. I opened an RFE @ https://github.com/cstew/TryCamel/issues/2 to adapt an existing simple Android app to share Amazon URLs into the appropriate analysis page @ RM. Anyone interested (especially @Tommy), please support via comments there! Such makes a lot of difference to (especially open-source) developers! 🙇
  9. TPS

    RFE: Filtering Category Pages

    @cast Actually, they used to update in realtime until recently.… @Tommy what changed?
  10. If you check category pages (e.g., https://reviewmeta.com/category/amazon/3732981), you'll notice that they're often overrun w/ products that have very few reviews. Why not give us an option to filter (the sorting is fine) these pages to, e.g., remove items that have less than a user-configurable # of RM-accepted reviews, or a Failed RM rating? That'd help significantly in so many categories! P.S.: "Thanks for submitting your response. Your submission will soon be moderated. If your response is approved, we will post a link to your response on your brand page and product pages on ReviewMeta.com. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER OFFICIAL RESPONSE, IT MAY BE DELETED." isn't correct for every post. 😉
  11. I very much appreciate RM efforts toward variations , but the variation listing UI in RM fails pretty hard com compared to that of the Amazon original UI. Is it possible to make it more like the original? A couple of ideas: 1) Use a selector in the variation popup as identical as possible to Amazon's own 2) Make is possible to rejigger RM so it (configurably) weights 1 variation's reviews above all others'. 2a) Make this iterative in cases when there's more than 1 dimension of variation. 2b) Bonus if https://reviewmeta.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-rfe-positive-critical-review-trust/ could be realigned toward this in these cases. Example: I'm researching https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B00Q7EPSHI . It generally gets great reviews, but I suspect the specific variation I'd want to purchase (queen, 6") may have issues more often than not. I try to find this variation on RM, but am thwarted by its reliance on the listing title, than variation description. Oh, how I wish to simply choose [Queen] [6-inch] someplace, & be whisked off to the RM page where the critical reviews clearly note that (e.g.) it's the 6-inch sizing that's the problem more than the queen, for whatever reason. I thank RM & go back to considering the 8-inch, which RMs happily.
  12. It would excellent to show the absolute/relative trust of the most trusted positive/critical review, also, so we could choose to which to give more weight, ourselves — e.g., a most-trusted critical score of 100% I'd give more credence than a most-trusted positive score of 75%.
  13. On most of Amazon review pages, it has the option to sort out the most "helpful" positive & critical reviews, & I actually find those negatives more useful. I propose RM do the same for most trusted reviews - highlight among those the cheerleaders & naysayers. What do you think?

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