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  1. Thank you for refreshing or re-running our assessment. I didn't realize the initial evaluation was over a year old. It makes sense now that the initial customer feedback may have come in right after the initial product launch. I also didn't realize I could request a refresh on my own so it's great that we can do that. Thank you for taking these steps on my behalf as the system now correctly reflects the current state, that our flagship SmithShaper® Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser product has a passing mark in this area. This confirms my understanding and validates that SmithShaper customer feedback is indeed legitimate. I can now see how robust the reviewmeta.com site is and appreciate the valuable service you are providing consumers and businesses alike. I sure hope people take a close look here prior to making purchases of any product to see what's real and what's not. Best wishes to you! Louis SmithShaper LLC
  2. The reviewmeta.com "WARN" message that appears for the SmithShaper® product line with regards to our Amazon reviews is inaccurate. It has taken our small business two and one half years for our recently introduced product line featuring our U.S. patented SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller Multi-purpose Exerciser and our exercise pad/kneeling pad products to accumulate over 4,000 customer purchases on Amazon. From these sales we have received wonderful customer feedback. However, you will notice we don't have all that many reviews. That's because these are real reviews from verified Amazon customers who have purchased our products. SmithShaper LLC is proud to be a highly ethical company. We absolutely do not condone, lead or direct any activity that would result in the posting of fake or phony Amazon product reviews. Please review our @smithshaper Facebook or Instagram pages and you will see that we receive excellent feedback. Customer feedback is extremely important to us at SmithShaper LLC. In fact, we have improved our product line, marketing materials, shipping processes and our product packaging as a result. To encourage customer feedback we do the following: 1) For our SmithShaper Bundle and our newly introduced economy gray exercise pad; we paid Amazon a $60 fee to ensure buyers of these products are aware they can leave feedback; and 2) We include a note in our Amazon packaging to thank our customers and encourage them to leave feedback or contact us if they are dissatisfied for any reason. SmithShaper LLC doesn't email our customer list and we do not pay any system or people to leave feedback .Our preference is that our feedback is honest and not forced. It is more valuable to us in that way. SmithShaper LLC understands reviewmeta.com has a policy not to remove their results for any particular automated evaluation they've made. However, it's imperative that consumers are advised that in the case of our SmithShaper product line on Amazon, our customer reviews are from Amazon verified purchasers of our products, period. Ours are legitimate customer reviews. SmithShaper LLC does not operate unethically and we believe the misinformation communicated on reviewmeta.com pertaining to SmithShaper LLC may have a negative impact to our potential purchasers. To learn more about SmithShaper® products, please visit https://www.amazon.com/smithshaper Sincerely, Louis Morales President, SmithShaper LLC

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