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  1. MissionCreep

    No reviews removed but the rating changed?

    Okay, it can't be rounding. This one; lowers the score from 4.5 to 4.3 but 0 reviews were removed. https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B07RZSFRRF
  2. https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B07PHJ8X7Z Is this a rounding thing? It just seems odd.
  3. I think the issue here is pretty clear from the screenshot and my highlights, and I suspect this is more a display/wording issue than what many people would consider a "bug." From Amazon: 949 global ratings | 288 global reviews I'm guessing this is only an issue for preliminary reports. Currently the switch from "Ratings" in italics to Reviews in non-italics strongly implies that those are legitimate Reviews and contain zero Ratings. You could probably change that language in the Results box to say "Ratings and Reviews" or put some kind of asterisk and explanation but I think that ignores the problem that the Preliminary Adjusted Rating is not really all that reliable, even though it appears (at the top, absent any explanation) as conclusive. IMO, the red box and text with the exclamation point (down below) should be what the "Adjusted Rating" box looks like, so there's no ambiguity or confusion. That large red box at the bottom is hard to miss...if you plan to thoroughly read the whole page. (No idea how it looks on a phone.) If you just want to see that Adjusted Rating, you may just exit the page. It's kind of funny that the big red box is an asterisk footnote...but there's no asterisk (let alone a red one or an exclamation point) in the Adjusted Rating. I just mean grammatically funny--there should always be two asterisks, you can't have just one.

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