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  1. nobbler

    Home Depot has become a plague

    I'm assuming it's a parse-transform-process pattern of some sort-- I'd very interested in the ability to handle the parse and transform and, putting myself in your shoes, just disable amazon specific analytics. Putting it a different way, let's say, a web service that accepts an aggregate of reviews for product X from seller Y and generates site agnostic resultsets I had an idea like this site back when Nvidia announced some machine learning API until I read a white paper that said human beings can't tell fake from genuine statements but like all machine learning, "How does one generate an "answer" set?" The closest you've gotten, I think? is the pulled reviews by amazon dataset. Anyway. I get it. No external user control. Makes sense.
  2. Does ReviewMeta support writing extensions for it's backend yet? Even non-public facing? Because I'd seriously write one in a hot minute if I could. Comedy reviews from a guy in New Mexico who loves his battery powered thermal snowcoat. Not kidding. And, probably obvious to everyone, but the fake review as "narrative". "My husband and I set about to Y and we needed a FOOZLE" and so on.

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