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  1. PoshM_Amazon

    The New Amazon Review Scam Tactic

    Hello! I loved your guys' post back in June of 2016 diving into the world of incentivized Amazon reviews. Well done and thank you! In case you guys were unaware, which I'm sure you've noticed, the new tactic for Amazon review scams now comes in the form of "rebates". Sellers list a product on a review site at full price so as to bypass Amazon's unverified review filter, the buyer purchases the product at full price on Amazon and later receives reimbursement through Paypal (or something like it) by the seller so it can't be tracked by Amazon. Some review/deal services will withhold reimbursement until the buyer has left a review. I really don't know what a good solution is for Amazon since the sellers are sorta clever to sell at full price and use a third party system to reimburse after the review is left so that Amazon will give it a verified review badge. Wanted to put on your radar so these scums could stop cheating the system! Some popular sites some of my girlfriends use is rebatekey and VIP Power Club on FB. I personally have seen this being used on some Facebook ads myself. Is there any hope for a review system you can truly trust on Amazon 😞

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