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    Sure..see attached
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    Getting reviews

    You probably have seen this technique used before to obtain user reviews, but I have purchased several products and have never seen this used, so I thought I would share. I purchased this product: https://smile.amazon.com/Light-Therapy-Miroco-Bright-White/dp/B07PJWVC9S?ref_=ast_bbp_dp and when I received the product, inside was directions on how to get a $15 gift card for a honest review. I gave a honest review, but never got my gift card, or at least not after submitting in 9 days ago, and contacting the company 5 days later asking about the status of the gift card. I did notice when I purchased the product November 4, 2019, there were perhaps 10 good reviews, but now there are over 900 positive reviews.

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