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  1. Hi Austin-

    Thanks for chiming in.  We do use some forms of machine learning, but we're not just looking at the deleted reviews on Amazon.  One of the issues with strictly using machine learning based on deleted reviews as the answer key is that it's not a perfect answer key.  We can't say for certain that all undeleted reviews are honest and all deleted reviews are dishonest. 

    Sometimes a user deletes their account and all their reviews.  Sometimes a company pressures a customer to remove their review.  Sometimes the reviews violate a policy on Amazon that we don't necessarily agree with - for example, you're not allowed to call out other fake reviews in your review.  So those reviews will often get deleted.  Technically they are against Amazon's TOS, but we don't consider those to be "fake".

    Furthermore, we don't actually have the ability to collect every single deleted review.  We only know if a review is deleted when we collect it at one point, then check back on a later date and see it's no longer there.  So if a review is only live on Amazon for 1 day, it's unlikely that we'll ever see it.

    We did a blog post on the topic of gauging our accuracy based on the deleted reviews a while back, might be worth checking out: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/how-accurate-is-reviewmeta-com/

  2. Wow, and just today I got this spam email, literally 5 times:


    Hello Merchant,
    I’ve made an Analytics on your Amazon Product Reviews that are Converting your shoppers till SALES. So, we’d love to help you with each of your Amazon Product for their Customer Reviews that will increase your sales better than before.

    What is this?
    It’s called, “Amazon VOTES” Means - “Helpful” or “Report Abuse” thumbs for your Product Reviews. In this way, we can easily push down your Negative/Critical Reviews from the top reviews page or product home page and keep up only the best Positive reviews under top page to attract more shoppers and maximum conversion of SALES!

    1. Bring the best Customer Reviews of your Choice to page#1. Let your Buyers only see the Good or Best Reviews of your Product.
    2. So, You get to manage featured 5 Star reviews on the 1st page.
    3. Improve conversion by turning potential buyers into customers.
    4. Improve SEARCH Results of your Product Keywords in Amazon.
    5. Beat your Competitor’s attacks to your listing by VOTES!

    “It’s almost a rearranging of your customer reviews list as you’re expecting as a best seller”

    Please have a look in details: https://www.getamazonreviews.com/amz-votes-for-reviews

    We're a big team and agency here to take care of your amazon product reviews by Votes and many more.

    Rashedur Jaman
    Email+Skype: [email protected]

  3. I agree, this definitely looks fishy.  Immediately when you flip to the second page of reviews, the helpfulness count drops from 30+ to 1-2.  It appears that someone was trying to get these reviews to the first page.  This probably isn't the only seller engaging in something like this.

    What's interesting is that I often get spam emails that look like this: 

    Hello Amazon Seller,
    If you’re worried about your 1 or 2 star Negative Reviews those are highly damaging your daily sales by making customer Confusion when it’s showing over the front page of your all Customer Reviews list.
    In that case,
    We’re helping Amazon sellers to scale up their sales by Up-Vote (Helpful) your Positive Reviews or Push Down all of your Negative Product Reviews to attract more shopper and then boost your sales instantly.

    Why us:
    1# Always Pay after seeing results, no advanced or Upfront money needed to begin with us.
    2# Doing Votes by real even Regular purchase background customer profile, NO BOT or anything like that.
    3# 100% Guaranteed for Seller Safety, Privacy & Faster Results.
    4# Available for any Country or Any Amount of Votes.
    I would really love to appreciate your comments or queries.
    Feel free to Contact

    $kype: rollonvotesservice
    Email: [email protected]

    So I'm assuming they're flying under the RM radar because they only had a few carefully placed reviews, and then leveraged any 5-star reviews with the helpful votes pushing them to the top.  

    This is one of the reasons I often recommend that people sort reviews by "recent" and read some of those.  It's hard for a seller to constantly be stuffing fresh reviews in, so often times, the most recent reviews will help show a more current picture of the product.

  4. 11 hours ago, KrinkleKat said:

    You hear so many horror stories now a days about fundraising events that misused donations (hence my search on Charity Navigator), so as you can imagine, I was thrilled with your choice of charitable organizations and fundraising event. I was also excited to learn that my job will match my donation, dollar for dollar, so that should help with the cause!!

    That is awesome!  I really appreciate it.  

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  5. Thanks for this!  I've been told this is the single largest fundraising event for AIDS research/treatment and one of the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of donating to.  Really excited to be a part of this!

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  6. To be clear, the extension doesn't install on your Mac, it installs on your browser.  Which browser do you have?

    Here's our extension page with links to install on all the different browsers: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/extensions/ Make sure to read our notes for Safari and Opera on that page:

    Safari: Sorry! Looks like Apple decided to remove their Extension Gallery (where our extension was available) and force us to go through their Mac App Store.  We haven’t had the time to jump through all their hoops yet, so for now the extension is not available for the Safari browser.

    Opera: We’ve submitted our extension to the store and are currently waiting moderation.

  7. On 12/22/2019 at 6:45 AM, TPS said:


    - In the forum notifications list, the font logic is reversed to the rest of the UI: read is boldface, while unread is normal.  Could it be made consistent?

    - In the app, 1 shares an Amazon-ish link (perhaps enough that it's discernible what country & ASIN?) into the app to get RM's analysis.  Could we get a way to share out the RM link?  Bonus points if you've an personalized link shortener, like Amazon's own a.co & amzn.com, & bit.ly's equivalent @ amzn.to. Ideally R.μ, though that's not currently possible/available, per the IANA.

    I'm seeing the opposite on the notifications list myself.  Where are you seeing this?

    As far as the share button from the app, that's something I noticed recently too!  Definitely need a share button.

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  8. Hey Craig-

    Dang, looks like these guys are really abusing the system here.  I always find it interesting when ReviewMeta automatically calls out some obviously suspicious datapoints (https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B07Y2BJMPX) and Amazon somehow doesn't notice (or doesn't care).

    This isn't the first office related product we've seen that's been heavily manipulated.  We wrote a whole blog post about this "Amazon's Choice" office chair a few months ago, and since then, it's only lost the badge, but held onto the obviously manufactured reviews: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/amazons-choice-badge-given-to-product-with-1000s-of-incentivized-hijacked-and-deleted-reviews/

    I think what you are doing is the best strategy - document the abuse and keep reporting them to Amazon.  Call them out on social media as much as possible.  Keep hammering it until Amazon does something.

    It sucks that sellers and shoppers must be the ones to police Amazon's own platform...

  9. 6 product reviews isn't a lot of data for us to go off of.  Always worth looking at the report.  In this instance, we see the reviewer ease is 5.0, and a few other red flags in the report.  Not enough to rule out random chance, but always good to read the report.

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  10. This is already somewhat considered - we always check to see what the high-volume day reviewers are saying vs. the rest of the reviews.  In this case, we can see that the 9% of reviews that are written on high-volume days give the product 4.5 stars on average, while everyone else gives the product 4.1 stars.  In my opinion, this would mean that these reviews are somehow biased.  They may not be "fake", but there's something fishy going on about them.

    Either way, you can always click "View/Edit Adjustment" and slide the "Reviews on high volume days" dial all the way to the right, hit "Apply New Weighting" and you can see what the adjusted rating is with those reviews included.

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  11. Hey Mike-

    It's always important to remember that both Fakespot and ReviewMeta are estimates - nobody can actually tell which reviews are fake and real as a matter of fact, although Fakespot isn't as upfront about this fact.  Fakespot also doesn't share details about their analysis, so it's impossible to check their work or really know how their secret magic formula is working.

    I've seen Fakespot going around saying that 30% of reviews on Amazon are fake.  We think this is way overblown, and put that number closer to 7-9%.  Amazon itself claims less than 1%.  So our understanding is that Fakespot is much more aggressive and is likely displaying a lot of false positives.

    Another thing to remember is that just because a product has fake reviews does not mean that it's a bad product.  A Fakespot F or a ReviewMeta Fail doesn't necessarily mean the product is fake, defective or faulty.  Always go with your gut and always return products on Amazon if you feel you've been deceived.

    Here's something we wrote about this topic a few years back and a good discussion in the comments: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/fakespot-vs-reviewmeta-for-analyzing-reviews/

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  12. On 9/17/2019 at 5:11 AM, flixflix said:

    Do you make any money via the links and ads though? Is it enough to cover your costs and time?

    Yes, we are able to cover the costs of the server and a little bit extra.  I haven't run the numbers in a while, but I think that I still haven't even recovered the full investment in the site (was losing money the first several years).  I'm not doing this to get rich - I thought it would be a fun hobby to put together and now it's grown to a lot more than that.  I still don't feel comfortable taking people's money and I'd rather them donate to the ACLU or CPJ as mentioned on the donate page: https://reviewmeta.com/donate

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  13. Interesting - I personally believe that this is the wrong direction.  It makes it easier to flood a product with a bunch of one or five star reviews that have zero justification, and possibly without even being able to see the reviewers behind these reviews.  Makes it much harder for anyone to get a sense of whether the reviews are fake or real - maybe this is the whole point?

    We'll see how this goes.  Amazon is still "testing" it at this point so we'll see if they keep it.  My main question in terms of incorporating this change into ReviewMeta is how are they going to show to the customer the 1-tap reviews?  Will it just say "400 reviews" but then they only display the reviews that have written text?  Or will they display all 400 reviews, but just say "1-tap review" for each of the one-taps?

    I think I'll have to write a blog post on why I feel this is the wrong direction.

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