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Official Brand Responses

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Instructions for posting a Response
  1. This new topic will be your ONLY response topic.  You only get ONE response per brand.
  2. You must be an approved agent of the brand to post the response.  You may be asked to verify your identity.
  3. All Topics and Replies in this forum will not be published until approved by a moderator.  We will try to moderate posts as promptly as possible, however we make no guarantees as to the timeline.
  4. The following is REQUIRED in order for your topic to be published:
    1. A link to your brand page on ReviewMeta.com.  If this is unavailable, a link to an active report on ReviewMeta.com.
    2. Your full name and position within the company.
  5. The following information is SUGGESTED:
    1. Your review collection solicitation/collection process
  6. The following is PROHIBITED:
    1. Any type of sales language or self-promotion of your own brand.
    2. Off-topic or unnecessary information.
    3. Vulgarity, curse words, threats, etc.
  7. ReviewMeta.com is an English-language site.  You are free to post in any language of your choosing, but discussion of your response will likely be in English.
  8. Your response will be open to discussion by the community.  We will not remove replies that do not break our rules.
  9. Your response will be linked to on the top of your brand pages and corresponding reports.  The hyperlink text will be the title of your response.
  10. Do not post in ALL CAPS or otherwise select a formatting that makes it difficult to read.
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