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  2. ReviewMeta

    Amazon Fake Review Scam Exposed in Data Breach

    This has been going on for a long time, but I don't think that the public realized to what extent. Incentivized reviews have not stopped in 2016, they were just pushed underground. Amazon could be doing much much more.
  3. https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/amazon-reviews-leak-report/ I expect there will be thousands of deleted reviews after Amazon has looked into this further!
  4. Hulagirl47

    Can't Get Extension for Safari

    Thank you! It’s working! hope you find someone yo take over for you Tommy. This is a great app. I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon. Daily!! Aloha!
  5. ReviewMeta

    Can't Get Extension for Safari

    Hi Hulagirl47- This is not the case - you can use ReviewMeta with Safari! Simply copy the Amazon URL and paste it into the search bar on ReviewMeta.com - this will work on Safari. You can also download the Chrome browser, the Firefox browser (both free) and install our extension there. You can also get our free Mobile App that will work on your Android or iPhone: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/reviewmeta-phone-apps/ We'll update this thread when we launch the fixed Safari Extension.
  6. Hulagirl47

    Can't Get Extension for Safari

    So, in a nutshell, if I have Safari, there’s no way I can use ReviewMeta right now? how will you notify us when Safari will work with ReviewMeta?
  7. ReviewMeta

    We want more!

    Hello- Thanks for your question. I definitely agree that there are a lot more fakes on the internet than just Amazon, but we've only had the resources to focus on Amazon at the moment. We hope to expand to other platforms in the future, however currently we're at our production capacity just focusing on Amazon. It's a lot of work to add other platforms.
  8. seattleuserfriendly

    We want more!

    Your evaluations are very helpful and allow us to use our own judgement beyond your algorythms. I consider the information you provide as part of my decision making process on Amazon. But the world is not Amazon. Today I was on the Quicken Website. I got through 30 pages where every evaluation was 5* and short and pithy. Yet the total was an average of 4*. As I've used Quicken since the 80s, I don't think I've ever had the chance to evaluate it. On a phone call about another matter today, I asked the representative where one evaluates the product. He kept referring me to the user form. Of course, I said that wouldn't be fair as most go there to complain, besides it never asks for an evaluation. He tried saying the managers of the forum did it but I asked how as there were no numeric fields. He hung up the phone. You are helping us to learn to identify suspicious reviews. If you also were able to help us on other sites, or allow us to copy/paste and upload a csv from other pages, you would help consumers a little leverage in a world where companies post fictitious ratings and allow us to analyze them.
  9. TPS

    That other reviews scoring site

    @Tommy Re: your succession announcement, have you considered contacting your "competition" (@ least the more sincere 1s) to take over for you?
  10. ReviewMeta

    No reviews removed but the rating changed?

    It's because we throw out all one-tap ratings: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/why-does-amazon-show-more-ratings-than-reviewmeta-shows-reviews/
  11. ReviewMeta

    Amazon reviews get even more useless

    This is a form of Review Hijacking: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/amazon-review-hijacking/ On the RM report, you can click the link that says "Show all variations" and it will help show you the different variations that are pooled together: https://reviewmeta.com/blog/reviewmetas-hidden-features-for-power-users/ I think Amazon does this to simply inflate the perceived number of reviews on any listing. It's very frustrating that it's not totally transparent and many people are caught by surprise.
  12. For some time now, and it's getting worse, Amazon has been grouping various models of items from the same manufacturer into all of the reviews for any of these items. For example, you're looking at reviews for a particular model of Samsung smart TV. As you read through the reviews, you happen on one in which the writer mentions the actual model number of his/her purchase and it is NOT the one for which this review is posted. Then it happens a few more times. So if you look at the very tiny print at the upper left corner of that individual review, you'll see the model number (or some other description) of the review you're now looking at. As often as not, it will be for some other model number, rendering the review useless for your purposes. No idea why Amazon does this, but it makes their already dubious reviews even less useful than they've ever been. Just make sure that when you read reviews to check that fine print to see if the review is for the item you're actually interested in. Often, the actual reputation of one particular model of a manufacturer's product are very different from those of a different model. Be careful! And then before you decide to purchase on the strength of those reviews, go to ReviewMeta.com and enter the URL for the item you're interested in. You might be quite surprised at how many of those reviews are fake.
  13. MissionCreep

    No reviews removed but the rating changed?

    Okay, it can't be rounding. This one; lowers the score from 4.5 to 4.3 but 0 reviews were removed. https://reviewmeta.com/amazon/B07RZSFRRF
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