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We're glad that you are enjoying our site! is a part time passion project for a small team of developers. As of 7/10/2018, I've invested a lot more in building and running the site than I've received from the banner ads displayed on some pages. I'm hopeful that someday we'll grow to the point where I'm financially rewarded for my efforts, but for now, we could use your help.

We could use your help in two ways:

Share We already have a niche following, but could use some help to get a little more mainstream. Tweeting, sharing us on Facebook, and linking to us in forums is all we've got when we have a marketing budget of $0.

Donate: If you've got the money and you're feeling generous, you can donate to our cause! Since we're not a registered non-profit, you probably can't write it off, so just consider it a pay-what-you-want for using our site.

Hide ads on our site:

It would be massively appreciated if you could do one (or both) of the above steps to help out our cause. If not, that's fine too. Seriously, we're not going to force you to look at a few banner ads just so we can recover a fraction of a cent of server costs.

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The above button should hide all the banner ads on our site. Even if you haven't donated or shared our site, don't feel bad about clicking the button to hide ads. Maybe someday down the line you'll have the opportunity to mention and you'll remember how awesome we are and put in a good word.

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