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Amazon Reviews for  The Genius Brand
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The Genius Brand is a manufacturer of Genius Supplements which the company itself claims as the “bi-product of rejecting the supplement industry dogma.” Committed to only creating supplements that work, the brand boasts a wide variety of pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplements.

The brand has also expanded on manufacturing nootropics, energy boosters, and fat-loss supplements that are formulated without synthetic stimulants. The Genius Brand reviews are here to assist consumers in picking the product that will work best according to their personal goals.

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The supplement industry often gets a bad rap on products that are pure hype and promises, but The Genius Brand begs to differ. The manufacturer is dedicated to creating dietary and workout supplements that deliver promising results.

Born with the emphasis on science, The Genius Brand completely disregards the standard profit margin in the supplement market. The brand’s goal is to create the best products and worry about the cost later, ensuring their customers that they are never about just the money.

What started as a workout supplement manufacturer, the brand also produces supplements that aid in the aspect of beauty, cognition, and general health along with their original BCAAs, pre-workout, post-workout, thermogenic, and muscle building supplements.