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ReviewMeta’s “Hidden” Features for Power Users

December 12th, 2018

So the other day, I’m looking at a report.  I accidentally click on the Adjusted Rating, and to my surprise, it changes.  

It took me a few seconds before I remembered that months (or years) ago, I added a little feature that would allow visitors to see an extra decimal place on the adjusted rating.  I started to wonder how many Easter Eggs the average visitor is missing, so I decided to start a list of lesser-known features.


Show an Extra Decimal on the Adjusted Rating

It’s sometimes tough to please everyone.  Show too much info and the laymen is overwhelmed.  Hide too much and the advanced user is left wanting more.  You can see the second decimal place for any adjusted rating by clicking (or tapping) on the number itself.


This won’t work for the original rating though.  The reason is because the original rating is pulled directly from Amazon, and they only give us one decimal place.


See the Adjusted Distribution

Want to see how the distribution of reviews changes after our adjustments?  Simply click either of the down arrows to the right of the review counts.



Create your Own Adjusted Rating

The most important thing to remember about ReviewMeta is that our calculations are mere estimates.  We encourage you to customize the reports based on your own personal beliefs. You can actually edit our adjustments and create your own adjusted rating however you see fit.



Refresh the Report

Any report is a snapshot of the reviews at a given time, so things can change since the last time the report was refreshed.  As a general rule of thumb, anyone can refresh a report that is a week old (or older).



See the Report History

Since reports can change over time, it can sometimes be valuable to look back and see the history to get the full story.



Title History

Just as the reports can change over time, the actual products can change as well.  If we suspect any foul play, we automatically display a “Review Hijacking Alert”.


Otherwise, you can click the “Check Product Title History” link to see the previous titles.



Product Variations

Just like the product title history, if we notice any foul play with the product variations, we’ll show you a big fat “Review Hijacking Alert”.


Otherwise, you can see the breakdown of the product variations by clicking on the “See [x] product variations” link.



See Example Reviews

For each of our tests, we want to show you example reviews we’ve found to be suspicious.  Simply click on the words next to the % symbol to load example reviews that failed for the test.



Reviewer Analysis

You can click on any reviewer’s name to see our analysis of that reviewer.  You can even copy and paste a profile URL into our search box!



Deleted Review Distribution

When there’s a lot of deleted reviews for a product, sometimes it’s important to know if they were mostly positive, mostly negative or somewhere right in the middle.  This can be done by clicking the “Show distribution of deleted reviews” link on the Deleted Reviews test.



Hide Ads

Nobody likes banner ads, and I’m not going to be offended if you don’t want to see them either.  Simply click on the “Support/Donate” link ( and then scroll down and click on the button that says “Click here to hide ads on”.




Browser Extensions

Copying and pasting Amazon URLs can be time-consuming.  Use our FREE browser extension to immediately see the adjusted rating without having to leave Amazon, and to be able to load the ReviewMeta report in one click!

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