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Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 7.21.58 AM (2) Bookmarklet: An Extension Alternative

February 3rd, 2017

If you’re not ready to fully commit to our Browser Extension, our Bookmarklet might just be the solution you’re looking for:

Analyze on!

Here’s the code:

javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement('SCRIPT');script.src='';document.body.appendChild(script);})()

Installing a bookmarklet is as easy as dragging the above link into your “bookmarks”.

How it works:

When looking at a product page on Amazon, simply open the bookmark you created and it should open the corresponding report on in a new tab.  The Bookmarklet automatically reads the Amazon product URL you are viewing and knows which report to open on

The bookmarklet should work across all devices and platforms (even mobile), but check out our install guides to make sure you know all the tricks.

Installation Guides:




The most common problem is that your browser is blocking pop-ups.  The bookmarklet is designed to open the report in a new window, so make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser.

The next most common problem is that the bookmark was not created.  Check the bookmarks on your browser, and make sure that the bookmark URL is the same as the code that is provided in the textbox at the top of the page.

9 responses to “ Bookmarklet: An Extension Alternative”

  1. Ah, I see the idea here. Didn’t quite work but I think I can figure it out, just need to find the time to focus on this for a minute. Things have been pretty hectic the last week.

  2. user1234567 says:

    There’s no code at all in the bookmarklet…

    • I’m seeing the code in the box:

      javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);script.src=’’;document.body.appendChild(script);})()

      Are you seeing something different?

      • user1234567 says:

        The code block (in the pre tag) is there, but there is no code in the bookmarklet above it (href in the a tag). This means I have to manually create the bookmark instead of just dragging it to a bookmarks bar.

  3. X1011 says:

    the bookmarklet is broken due to a typo: you have &qout;SCRIPT’ instead of ‘SCRIPT’.
    same error in the link as well as the code snippet.

    • Sometimes copying and pasting it will automatically turn the quotes into & quot; so you’ll need to edit and manually change them back.

      • X1011 says:

        nope. I’m looking at the code box in the page above right now, and I see

        &qout;SCRIPT’ before I copy-paste anything. I’ll also point out that:
        1. only the 1st quote sign has been affected. were it the result of copy-paste, I would think they all would be affected.
        2. it’s not even a valid HTML entity code (because it’s misspelled “qout” instead of “quot”)
        3. " is the code for “, but here you are using ‘s, which are encoded as '

        • That’s very strange. I could swear that I copy and pasted it correctly and tested at it a the time of writing. Either way, you are correct, it’s on the post incorrectly and I’ve corrected so hopefully it fixes the problem for anyone trying to install it.

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