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Thanks for Installing the ReviewMeta Browser Extension!

May 2nd, 2016

How it Works:

extn-dim – The icon will be dim if it does not detect you are viewing a product page.  Clicking it will take you to our homepage.

Visit any Product page to see the extension in action.  We currently support products on:

  •, .ca,,, .fr, .it and .de

Clicking on the icon will open the full analysis on in a new tab:

extn-fail – Product gets a “FAIL” and adjusted rating of 2.9

extn-warn – Product gets a “WARN” and adjusted rating of 4.6

extn-pass – Product gets a “PASS” and adjusted rating of 4.5

extn-na – Product gets a “FAIL” and we couldn’t find enough trustworthy reviews to calculate an adjusted rating

extn-none – We haven’t run an analysis on this product; click to generate a report!

extn-load – The data for this product is loading.


Icon cannot be found anywhere in browser:

  • This seems to be more common in FireFox, and is often due to privacy settings.  It seems that you must have “Remember History” set in your preferences in order for our extension to show up:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.56.52 AM


extn-dim  Icon is dim at all times:

  • This means that the extension is not detecting that you are viewing a supported product page.  Make sure that you are are viewing a single product on, .ca,,, .fr, .it .de or on
  • Try restarting your browser.
  • Check your other extensions for conflicts.

extn-load Always shows “load”:

  • This means that the browser is stuck loading the data from our servers.
  • Try pulling up to see if our site is responding.
  • If you are generating a report on our site in another tab, it might be delayed because of that.  Wait until the report is completed and then try checking again.
  • Try restarting your browser.
  • Check your other extensions for conflicts.

extn-none Shows even though a report was generated:

  • This is likely due to caching.  Caching helps us reduce server load and cost and might result in seeing a small glitch like this once in a while.  The icon for that product should be updated in less than 24 hours.
  • If every single page is showing this, then it might be a server error.  Try using in your browser to see if our site is responding.


Why does the plugin need permissions to read and change the content of my pages?

Our plugin performs two functions:

  1. Checks to see if you’re looking at a product on Amazon or  If you are, it only looks at the URL, then sends that over to our site which returns the test results (pass/fail + adjusted rating).  So that’s all we’re reading from your page.
  2. If you’re viewing a page on, the plugin will add a tiny code to the bottom of the page so that it knows NOT to prompt you to install the plugin (since you’ve clearly already installed it!).

That’s it!  We’re not doing anything else.

Are you injecting your affiliate code into pages that I’m browsing?

No, we don’t make any money off the extension.  Our goal is to make it easier for you to make use of and visit our site more often.

Questions?  Support?

We’d love to hear your feedback and help you if you are having any troubles at all.  Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts/questions.