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Implement our data on your site with the API

December 15th, 2016

We’re happy to share our data with any websites that wish to proudly display it.  We’ve created an extremely simple and lightweight API to retrieve basic information about any of our reports:

Simply take any of our URLs and add /api after the domain name.

So for example, this report: would turn into this URL:


The information is displayed in JSON, with the following variables:

“Rating”: The adjusted rating

“Count”: The adjusted review count

“S_overall”: 1=PASS, 2=WARN, 3=FAIL

“Href”: The URL to view the full report on


We decided to initially create an entirely open API to help encourage fellow webmasters to integrate our information into their sites.  However, if we start seeing any abuse, we’ll have to take measures to only grant access to approved users.  It’s a good idea to contact us and let us know what you are using the API for so we can keep you updated if we decide to make any changes to it.

For now, we’re operating on the honor system.  Please try to follow these guidelines as best you can:

  • Don’t slam our server with a billion requests per day.  Cache the results on your side for 24 hours for better performance.
  • Give proper credit to for the data.  Feel free to use our logo and link to the full report on our site.

Sample Implementations:

2 responses to “Implement our data on your site with the API”

  1. Riel says:

    Very interesting, I love this idea.

  2. Lawrence says:

    It’ll never happen but I’d love to see this implemented on amazon’s own websites. Sadly they won’t do it because it’ll highlight the fact that they aren’t tackling fake reviews.

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