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More than just Fake Reviews: Why detects all types of bias

At, we scan hundreds of millions of reviews and help you sort out the trustworthy ones from those that might not be completely honest.  The average consumer might mistakenly label anything that looks suspicious as a fake review, however textbook fake reviews are only a subset of the overall problem of biased reviews. First, […]


Somehow 97.4% of Products on are rated Above Average

In 4th grade, most children in the United States are taught how to calculate averages.  Seems someone at skipped ahead that year.  When it comes to product ratings, their notion of “average” is way off. We noticed that every product on has a rating accompanied by a single-word description just below it.  The […]


Implement our data on your site with the API

We’re happy to share our data with any websites that wish to proudly display it.  We’ve created an extremely simple and lightweight API to retrieve basic information about any of our reports: Simply take any of our URLs and add /api after the domain name. So for example, this report: would turn into this […]


Review Brigades

Brigading is a term used when online trolls group together to flood another site (or subsection of a website) with their message.  On Amazon, this happens when a product is quickly flooded with negative reviews, often politically motivated, and likely by reviewers who have not actually used the product or read the book. We’ve seen […]


Amazon Vine: An Analysis of 30 Million Reviews Shows Vine Better than Incentivized

  On September 19th, 2016, we published a video showing that Incentivized Reviews (reviews including a disclaimer “I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review”) were highly biased, which quickly went viral, racking up over half a million views. Two weeks later, on October 3rd, 2016, […]


Amazon’s New Privacy Settings Enable Reviewers to Hide their Dishonest Reviews

One of our core beliefs here at ReviewMeta is transparency.  We feel that making more information available will help the consumer, while deliberately hiding information will have the inverse effect. For example, being able to see a reviewer’s full history is necessary to get a feel for their trustworthiness.  If they give EVERYTHING a glowing 5-star review, […]


Amazon Silently Defaults to Showing Only Verified Reviews

Update: We noticed that they changed it back to normal recently.  Just last week, Amazon made a big announcement about prohibiting incentivized reviews, shortly after we published our video that analyzed 18 million reviews and proved incentivized reviews had a substantial bias. This week, Amazon continues to make changes to their review platform, but this time […]


Why do we need to show advertisements?

TL;DR: We want to offer you something for free that is not free for us. In a perfect world, there would be no ads. Here at, we’d love to provide a service to our users that is completely free of any advertisements at all; but that’s just not feasible.  Unless we get an independently wealthy […]